Things to Remember While Designing the Contact Page

Contact pages are not only for providing information about a company. They have an integral role to play in garnering the trust of potential customers and influencing conversion rates. This is because if a user finds it simple and easy to contact a company, he/she may perceive the brand as a reliable one.

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What Makes a User-Friendly Contact Page?

A user-friendly contact page is one which enables the user to easily find the required and relevant information for contacting the company. Apart from being informative, it should also have an interactive vibe to it, so that customers feel inspired to buy the products or services. Other features such as complaints, feedback, and discussion sections on this page helps in making the customers feel that they would be taken care of and that their opinion matters.

Tips for designing a contact page

  1. Focus on Functionality

A contact page is of no use if it isn’t functional. By functionality, we mean, working links and correct information. Broken links and wrong details may be detrimental to the company’s brand image. With the assistance of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, such as WS Centre, one may conduct periodical tests on the functionality of this page.

  1. Easily Accessible

Again, a contact page is of no use if it cannot be found easily. One may consider placing the link on the right side of the page, perhaps, the upper right corner. It may also feature in the footer section. Integrating the link in the drop-down menu is not a good idea as most likely it will be overlooked. Getting in touch with an experienced web development company Dubai can be of immense help in this aspect.

  1. Short contact forms

Studies reveal that short contact forms translate to higher conversions. This is primarily because users do not have the time or patience to fill up long forms. Hence, one should ensure to ask only the most vital information through the form.

One should always remember that simplicity and usability are the keys to success. For more tips, one may consider availing the services of an eminent web development company Dubai. Here’s All You Wanted to Know about Web Designing.

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