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All You Wanted to Know about Web Designing

An important step in letting the world know about a start-up would be to create an attractive website, which offers pertinent information on the company’s products, goals, and work culture. However, a web design is successful, only when it can effectively cater to the requirements of the user, irrespective of the device, screen size, platform, or orientation being used. This trend of offering a great user experience has compelled several companies to redo their website or create a new site with improvised ideas and solutions that precisely meet the varied needs of their audience. With the help and expertise of a reliable website designing company, such as Web Solution Centre, one may build a highly functional and intuitive interface.

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Web Designing is a Journey

There is no specific tip to being successful in web designing. However, it is best to approach the project from the viewpoint of the end user. Though it might be an overwhelming process of exploring the new and fixating oneself on a particular option, but, what plays the final trick is to be able to touch the nerve of the target customers and provide them with a pleasant user experience.

The Idea of Less is More

Most companies opine that a site should be filled with as much information as possible. However, they fail to realize that the Internet is a very fast paced sphere where surfers don’t generally spend more than 10 seconds on a particular site, unless it interests them on the very first glance. Hence, it is advisable to provide only the absolutely necessary information, which would address the user’s queries, concerns, & issues. For more advice, one may avail the services of a renowned website designing company in Dubai.

The Importance of Typography

Oliver Reichenstein, an eminent figure in this field, says that it is essential to place emphasis on typography, as it decides the vision and mood of the site. During the designing process, it is imperative to consider elements such as number of fonts to be used, alignment, and font size, as it directly impacts the readership.

For more technical guidance in this aspect, one may consult a reliable website designing company Dubai. Here are 3 Essential Tips for Crafting an SEO Friendly Website.

3 Essentials of Developing an Attractive & Stunning Logo

Designing a logo that will appeal to all classes of society is a difficult task. It takes the culmination of skill, creativity, and systematic planning to craft a symbol that will stand the test of time. One may avail the services of an experienced website designing company in Dubai to create an attractive logo. Given below is a list of some of the most important things to be considered during the process:

Website Designing Company in Dubai

  1. Simplicity is the key

Complex logos tend to confuse people. The most recognizable logos in the world are quite simple. There are countless examples of that. Complicated logos not only fail to engage the audience, but are also hard to remember. Hence, it is always advisable to create simple yet unique designs. For more ideas on the subject, one may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, a reputed website designing company Dubai, having an efficient team of professionals, who are adept in providing all varieties of web and marketing solutions.

  1. Versatility is Important

A logo can never be successful if it looks good only on certain mediums and platforms. Further, it should not be constricted to one colour pattern. The ability to adapt to any condition and medium is the hallmark of a good logo.

  1. A Meaningful Hidden Story

Everyone loves a little mystery. It is not any different in the case of logos too. They are not just some random piece of artwork. Behind the apparent simplicity, it must be connected to the vision of the organization, in some way. Ideally, a story should be hidden somewhere deep within the emblem, capable of intriguing and catching the fancy of the target audience.

It is not easy to create an emblem that will leave a deep mark on the minds of the customers. It should be synonymous with the organization, so much so, that the company’s name is hardly required on manifests. For creating such a logo for one’s company, one may take the expert advice of a reliable website designing company Dubai. Here are some Simple Tips for Crafting Stunning & Effective Infographics.

3 Essential Tips for Crafting an SEO Friendly Website

If one hopes to achieve success in the online realm, the key is to make an SEO friendly website. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, primarily implies the ranking of a website, when a particular keyword or a set of keywords is fed on a search engine. If one wishes to know more about this, contacting a dedicated website designing company in Dubai will prove to be helpful. Listed below are three tips to get the desired results:

Website Designing Company in Dubai

Creating a great website

It cannot get more basic than this. If the website is to feature among the top results, it has to be a great one. If it is not among the best few, it cannot be successful. Therefore, the primary aim should be on developing an attractive, easily accessible, and navigable interface. If it is not good enough, no amount of tricks can help it reach the top spot.

Importance of SEO friendly URLs

The URLs to the web pages are to be selected carefully. One may use keywords with hyphens in the URLs. However, it must be kept in mind that using too many hyphens may backfire, as they tend to be perceived as spam by the users. For further advice and assistance on this topic, one may contact a renowned website designing company Dubai, such as, Web Solution Centre, which holds a rich talent pool of professionals and designers.

Unique Title and Informative Meta Description

The title is by far the most important factor in earning high rankings. Hence, it is important to have a unique title. It is also advisable to start the title with a relevant keyword. The meta description has no part to play in the optimization itself, but it does help in gaining user clicks. These small paragraphs which appear just below the listing give a fair idea to the reader whether the page contains the exact information they were looking for.

Of course, there are several other finer points that help in building an optimized interface. For expert guidance in this domain, one may get in touch with a reputed website designing company in Dubai. Here’s an insight on the 3-Step Process for Developing Web Content.

A Good Website Designing Company in Dubai Will Help Your Business Double Its Fortunes

The trend of online trading is fast becoming the order of the day, as more and more people take to the internet to find almost any kind of services or goods sold under the sun. Making online transactions has not only become faster and convenient, a cheaper and preferable medium for many. So the more prominent your business becomes online, the more business and hence profits you will expect. This cannot be possible without having a well designed website for your business. This is the reason why you operate a business in UAE, you need to find the very best website designing company in Dubai to either redesign or create a new website for your business.

Website Design

While hunting for the right company to do your website, you might need to consider the following points:

  • Check their past portfolio. This should be your best bet in discovering whether the company has the experience or skills required for the project, and whether they have actually done the work they claim to have done in the past. You should smell a rat if a small-time company claims to have built websites for very big companies. It would be advisable to seek information from the mentioned past clients and hear their views about the company. If you find out the web Design Company is telling lies in this regard, then there is a big possibility that they cannot be trusted to deliver what you want.

  • Stick to one web developer.

In a modern city, businesses are likely to come and go. Therefore, if you decide to undertake a website design project, then chances are you will need ongoing support as well as technical expertise as your business grows, or its needs change over time. Choosing a website designing company in Dubai as a long-term partner is therefore advisable.

  • Choose a company that will be willing to talk you through the whole process. It is extremely important that you understand the whole process that the web creation goes through right from creative ideation, to testing and then implementation.

  • Ensure you are dealing with a company that understands your business. The number of web designing companies in Dubai, that specialize in some business industries is limited. If you run a highly specialized business, which will need equally specialized understanding, ensure that the team working on your project fully understands the task at hand.

  • Ensure that the company you choose has all the experts needed. This will need that you get free access to the team that is working on your project to ensure that it is running smoothly till the end.

Since you don’t intend to have a website that will only act as a business brochure, a good website designing company Dubai should be able to give you a website that is able to generate quality leads prospective clients. Therefore, your website will have an added advantage, if the company crafting it has experience in SEO, Social Media, continent marketing and mobile we technology.

Trendy Color Schemes That Ruled Website Designs in 2015

The year 2015 saw the use of a bunch of unconventional color schemes for web designs. The designers applied different combinations and contrasts to render an appealing look to the interface. With the help of a premier website designing company Dubai, any organization can build a visually stunning website. Below is an insight on the various color schemes in vogue:

website designing company in Dubai
1. Different shades of the same color

The practice of using different shades of the same color, also known as, monochromatic technique, goes well with minimalist web designs. Designers were seen using vibrant hues for this scheme. The result was a bold, pleasing, and exceptional appearance, that helped in enhancing the overall interface.

2. Highlighting certain words in a text

With an aim to send across the precise message, designers applied the practice of highlighting only a section of words in a block of text. This approach helped in grabbing the eyeballs of the visitor, specifically, when the text was contrasted with a dull background.  For more guidance on this technique, one may consider availing the services of Web Solution Centre, a reputed website designing company in Dubai, which offers excellent design & development services to enterprises across various industries.

3. Colored buttons, call-to-action, and other user interface elements

The use of colored buttons aids in garnering attention to the call-to-action elements. It also eases out navigation & usability. When contrasted with a plain background, it makes the button clearly visible and encourages the visitor to take an action immediately.

4. Blocking and Hovering

Blocking implies a grid-based layout, wherein the various blocks and cards are separated by the use of dramatic hues. Hovering refers to the change in color when the user hovers on a particular card on the layout. Most of the times, these two elements were used together. However, each of them can also be used as a stand-alone technique.

With the help of a reliable website designing company Dubai, an enterprise can make use of these color trends to craft a visually outstanding website. Here’s a list of Tips for an Excellent & Stunning Contact Page Design.

Tips & Tricks for Creating a Robust & Successful Brand


The sole purpose of creating a brand is to differentiate a company and its products/services from those of its competitors. It helps people to identify a business amidst a chock-full of companies selling the same product.  Be it a small organization or a large corporate house, every enterprise needs to create a powerful brand for grabbing the attention of its target audience. Enterprises may take assistance from a reputed website desiging company Dubai, which specializes in branding and marketing services. Listed below are a few tips for achieving the desired results in this aspect.

1. Visual elements are the most important

Studies reveal that visual aspects play the most important role in garnering the attention of customers. The color theory states that each color symbolizes a specific emotion, for instance, red exemplifies passion & adventure, white triggers feelings of peace, green reminds of freshness & environment, so on and so forth. While deciding the color, the company should ensure that it clearly depicts the true emotion of the product or service being delivered. For more advice, one may consult Web Solution Centre, a reliable website designing company in Dubai, which offers excellent web and marketing solutions to varied industries & sectors.

2. Take help of social media for reaching out to a large audience

Social media is the perfect platform for building a company’s identity. Of course, one needs to make use of the apt social media site for interacting with existing and potential customers. Using the right tone, a company can reach out to its audience, without letting them feel that the product is being pitched or marketed.

3. A Brand should have a personality

Companies should undertake efforts to give a brand its own unique personality. Of course, it should correspond with the product or service being presented. For instance, a luxury product should evoke feelings of sophistication and extravagance. A product which is meant for the masses may have a humble branding.

With the help of an expert website designing company in Dubai, one may craft a brand that customers are willing to engage with. Here’s an insight on The Proven 3-Step Formula for Creating a Powerful Brand.

3 Great Tips for a Successful & Effective Headline

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Headlines on a website are not only mean for aesthetics, but they help a great deal in conversions. An effective and successful tagline on the landing page is one that attracts traffic and encourages them to surf the rest of the web pages. Listed below are three tips for creating the perfect headlines:

1. What’s in it for the customers?

Instead of self-promotion, a caption should focus on elements that trigger interest within the customers. Insightful information, news, and benefits are some of the elements that let the customers get a feeling that there is something beneficial for them. The best way to succeed in this domain is to first state about the company and its activities, followed by how the organization can help its customers. For more advice and guidance in this aspect, one may consider availing the services of Web Solution Centre, which has an extensive experience of providing web and branding services. This website designing company Dubai possesses a strong team of web designers, web developers, technicians, and other professionals.

2. Incorporate product benefits in the headline

Some organizations feel that it is prudent to include all the benefits in the caption. However, the fact of the matter is that by including all the benefits at one go, each of them loses its individual importance. One should carefully analyze to incorporate only those elements that focus on the strengths of the company and the expectations of customers.

3. Start the headline with a prompt

Experts suggest that one should start the tagline with prompts such as “Finally, How, New, Introducing, Discover” and similar other words. Such phrases reflect results, and that is precisely what customers want. One may make use of these terms and start off from there to craft a creative and captivating headline. For more ideas, one may get in touch with an esteemed website designing company in Dubai, which also specializes in offering expert solutions in marketing and branding.

With the assistance of a website designing company in Dubai, one may craft a headline that sounds interesting & appealing, and leads to conversions too. Here’s an insight on 3 Simple Ways of Having an Effective Website Landing Page.

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Effective Branding

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Branding is all about conveying the right message and making the right first impression. It doesn’t merely imply the use of colors or fonts on products and media, rather, it is the emotional feeling which is triggered in the minds of the customers, as soon as they hear the name of the company. Listed below are a few secrets of achieving success in this field:

1. Branding doesn’t only imply looks, functionality is important

Most organizations feel that branding is about how the product looks, or probably the overall appearance of the website and logo. However, the truth is that what matters the most is the functionality. As long as the functionality is present, one can create a simple website, logo, and packaging. If flashy colors, fonts, and images, take away the navigability of a website, then it renders a poor user experience, thus affecting the branding element. For more tips in this domain, one may consider availing the services of a reputed website designing company , such as, Web Solution Centre, which possesses a strong team of marketing experts and web designers.

2. Consistent branding is imperative

One should always remember that consistent branding is vital to the success of any business. Be it the logo or the vision statement, all elements should reflect the true essence of the organization’s activities. Furthermore, each of the elements should be visible on all the marketing materials of the company, such as, websites, stationery, and the actual product. For creative ideas, one may get in touch with a premium website designing company in Dubai.

3. Do not refrain from forming partnerships

History shows that forming new alliances can go a long way in maximizing revenues and profits. It also adds a boost to the branding of the product. Working with the right partners can positively impact the achievement of one’s targets and goals.

With the help of a reliable website designing company Dubai, one may create an effective and efficient branding strategy and gain visibility and traffic in the online and offline worlds.

The Proven 3-Step Formula for Creating a Powerful Brand

Formula for Creating a Powerful Brand

Most organizations feel that branding is important merely for recognition and visibility. However, the reality is that a brand empowers the company with the ability to emotionally connect with its audiences. With the help of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, one may create a strong and impressive brand. Below is an insight on the 3-step formula for achieving the desired results:

Step 1 – Determining the target audience

First and foremost, one needs to determine the audience, which will be benefited by availing the products/services from the organization. Clients may consist of large corporations, small enterprises, startups, non-profit organizations, or other specific types of companies. It is also advisable to have a fair idea of the needs and requirements of the potential customers and how the product will fulfill the wants of these clients.

Step 2 – Define how to present the brand

In today’s era of stiff competition, presentation plays an important role in gaining an edge over one’s rivals. One should construct an explicit & robust vision and mission statement, which would precisely reflect the company’s work culture and business outlook. For more tips in this domain, one may seek advice from Web Solution Centre, a premium website designing company in Dubai, which holds a profound experience of over a decade in providing excellent solutions in branding and marketing.

Step 3 – Choose the Visual Elements

The visual elements of a brand include color scheme and font style that would be used across all the marketing materials of the company. While selecting these elements, one should ensure that the brand look should be easily recognizable by the customers. Further, one should also make sure that the fonts are optimized for web, mobile, and print. Each color has its own meaning and implication, and hence, one should choose a color that would exhibit the company’s voice and perception. For more guidance, one may consider hiring the services of a reliable website designing company Dubai.

Apart from following the above-mentioned process, one also needs to undertake several other initiatives and measures to ensure that the brand stands out in the online and offline realm. Here’s a list of Components of a Successful & Effective Online Marketing Strategy .

For more information , visit here  https://www.websolutioncentre.com/

3-Step Process for Developing Web Content

Content Straegy

Often companies find themselves in situations wherein they cannot launch a website due to lack of quality content. One should always remember that content needs to be planned. If written in a hurry, it may not deliver the desired results. Below is an insight on the 3-step planning process of effective web content:

Step 1Conduct a research on the audience

First and foremost, it is important to conduct a research on the audience for whom the content is being developed. One may conduct interviews with the target customers to find out what information they seek from a website and how the write-up influences them in their purchasing decisions. Further, one should also investigate which additional information would be of help to the customer while making the decision. For more tips in this aspect, one may consult a reputed website designing company in Dubai, such as, Web Solution Centre, which has a strong and vibrant team of designers and professionals.

Step 2Deciding on the goals of each web page

Next, one needs to decide the goals of each web page. For instance, the product page would have sections for inquiry, downloading pdf, product descriptions, and more. The career page might enable aspiring candidates to gather information on the corporate culture, available vacancies, job profiles, and contact details for sending resumes. For expert guidance in this domain, one may consider availing the services of an esteemed website designing company Dubai.

Step 3Writing Style & Tone of Voice

It is imperative to decide the style of writing and the tone of voice to be used on the site. This would, however, depend upon the nature of the industry and the specific goals of the site. In some cases it is apt to use a casual tone, whereas, for some industries it is advisable to use niche corporate language. One should remember that the style should remain consistent throughout the interface.

With the help of a reliable website designing company in Dubai, one may devise a strategy for content development. Here’s a list of 3 Simple Ways of Having an Effective Website Landing Page.