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The Top 6 Social Networking Sites People are Using

Are you genuinely interested in finding out what does the present look like for social networking sites. I don’t think there are much people on this planet who are not bound  in the clutches of social media. People all around the globe daily invest half of their time surfing the grounds of social networking sites. They literally eat, breathe and live social media. So much love! Well then let’s see how much profitable this love from audience has been proven for these highly sites.  And what position do they actually score among other social media leaders.

We be the best Website Designing Company In Dubai has grounded the list of 6 trendiest social networking sites people are going gaga over for.

Website Designing Company in Dubai

Facebook: Yes, who else? I don’t reckon this beast will ever let anyone out run him. Facebook is till now the most popular and trendiest social media platform among its users. With nearly 1.59 billion monthly active users (December 2015) and over 1 billion daily log-ins.

Twitter: Twitter is the real-time public micro-blogging networking site with its hilarious 140 character limit and unfiltered news feed. It is the only site where news breaks first and discussions  happens. With its latest “trending storyline” feature may be you’ll see Twitter topping the list next time.

LinkedIn: You can actually refer LinkedIn to as a  highly reputed  hiring agency. Well basically today what we see more on twitter besides news feeds is a hug number of job posts of some highly renowned companies.  It’s a social networking site for professionals and influencers. If you are genuinely interested in giving a boost to your mighty carrier then you should be on LinkedIn.

Google+: The most anticipated social networking platform was launched in the early summer of 2011. But, that anticipation was clearly drowned in the efforts of making it look just like Facebook. It is indeed the fastest growing social network the web has ever seen but it didn’t really lived up to the hopes of Google itself. In late 2015, the site in attempts to gain some popularity finally gave its users features like Communities and Collections to hold onto.

YouTube: YouTube is our pet movie player. It is the second largest search engine after Google+. Despite being under the supervision of Google , YouTube has clearly earned a name and popularity for itself as a separate entity all on its own and the premium place online to go watch and share video content.

Instagram: Instagram for the past few years is a force to be reckon with, growing at a rate of an elephant. Instagram is a picture heavy site especially for sharing real-time photos and videos while on ago. Instagram was bought for a hefty $1 billion by Facebook in 2012.

Well these 6 sites clearly deserve the ranks they have been allotted by the audience sensing their popularity, daily log-ins, sign-ups and active users.

Tips To Increase Sign Up On Your Website

For start-up companies there can be nothing more important than getting more users on their newly built website. Traffic is extremely important to establish leadership in the online market. There are a number of methods that can be adopted to improve the number of sign ups, be it for a free newsletter or a paid subscription. Here, it is important to note that the crux of all these methods lies in offering a valid reason to sign up, followed by making the registration process as simple & easy as possible. Experts at web designing company Dubai recommend the following ways of turning the next visitor into a potential customer/user/member.

Website Designing Company in Dubai

Access after sign up only

The best websites make it a point to allow entry only when the visitor has undergone the sign up process. Free access to the site’s content can be quite detrimental to the health of the website. Of course, at this point, it is essential to ask only for minimum information, or else, the user will feel discouraged to stay on the site.

Bold and clear message

The sign up page should have clarity and provide directions regarding the information required for the process. Experienced website designing company in Dubai suggests making use of large fonts and bright colors to attract attention and guide people on where to click or input the information.

Freebies and gifts

People love to get free gifts. This is a good incentive for encouraging visitors to sign up. Lucky contests and discount coupons make people feel valued and important. Start-up companies can cash in on this opportunity and watch the membership base grow.

Presence of Blog

Blogs are among the best methods of grabbing people’s attention online because people love to read on the move. Interesting write-ups that offer relevant & informative content are always appreciated and have the potential of drawing visitors and encouraging them to sign up for the service.

Of course, there are several other means of encouraging visitors to willingly provide their information. For more advice on this aspect, one may get in touch with WS Centre, the most trusted website designing company in Dubai. Here’s How to Ensure a Steady Flow of Social Media Traffic.

How to Ensure a Steady Flow of Social Media Traffic

There is no arguing that social media has emerged as one of the most powerful sources of traffic. However, the challenge lies in maintaining a steady flow of traffic on social media sites. For instance, on a given day, you may receive hundreds of visitors, but, on another day, you may get just a handful of them. An experienced web development company Dubai can be of great help in this aspect. Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to ensure that you get a steady and consistent flow of social media traffic.

Website Designing Company in Dubai

  1. Make posts on a frequent basis

Now this is the thumb rule! You will have to ensure that you post pretty often. This is important because a particular post may attract traffic on the first day, but after some time, it may dry down. Of course, not every new post will draw a massive amount of traffic, but frequent posts will ensure that there’s a more or less a steady inflow of visitors.

  1. Understand the different social media sites

Each social media site has its own audience and traffic patterns. Conduct a research to understand which sites will work best for your customer profile. Once you have shortlisted them, make it a point to submit your posts to all of them, rather than concentrating only on one site. For more tips on this subject, you may consult an online marketing and website designing company in Dubai such as WS Centre.

  1. Don’t over push content

Though the first two points focus on making posts frequently and that too on various sites, it is also important not to over push everything that you write. There will be certain posts that will not do well with social media users, and it is best not to publish them at all on these sites.

Of course, there are several other tactics that can help you attain the desired amount of social media traffic on every single day. It is best to take the advice of reliable social media marketing & web designing company Dubai, which specializes in web based solutions. Here are some Things to Remember While Designing the Contact Page of a site.

Not Enough Visitors on Your Blog? Here’s How You Can Fix This!

For a blogger, probably the most daunting challenge is to ensure a steady flow of visitors. Most people have a hard time to understand why their blogs aren’t being visited by the target audiences, inspite of having some useful and good quality content put up there. Again, those who have regular traffic would want to further increase it. Here are some tips that you might consider to make sure that your blog brims with visitors:

Website Designing Company in Dubai

  1. Guest Blogging

The biggest advantage of writing guest blogs is that you can gain links for your own blog. Apart from that, you also benefit from enhanced recognition and a chance to indulge in networking with other renowned & influential people in your industry. Further, it will also help you in improving your writing skills. The good news is that there are myriad sites which invite guest posts, and hence getting your write-up published is simple and effortless. Again, these links are great for SEO purposes too. If you continue writing on blog sites across your industry, over a period of time, you will find an increase in traffic to your own site.

  1. Analyze Your Posts

Take out some time to analyze your posts. Ponder on what exactly is going wrong or right? Is it about the content? Or probably the legibility? Does your blog site take forever to load? For website designing tips, you may get in touch with WS Centre, a reliable Website Designing Company in Dubai.  You can also have a look at other blog sites in your industry and see how your interface is different from theirs. Maybe all that is required is a slight change in the style of the content.

  1. Make use of social media

Social media is undoubtedly a great source of traffic for any site. To take advantage of this medium, it is best to consult an experienced web designing company Dubai that specializes in social media marketing.

By following the above-mentioned tips along with the help and guidance of a web development company Dubai, you can surely make your blog site reach a larger audience and ensure a steady flow of visitors. Here are few Things to Remember While Designing the Contact Page.

3 Essential Features For Attracting Traffic to a New E-Commerce Website

Website Designing Company in Dubai

In today’s era of online shopping, when everything is available on the web, it is a challenging task to inspire customers to buy from a new e-commerce site, rather than opting for the big retail sites. Listed below are 3 features that can help in attracting customers to the newly launched shopping site:

1. Amazing User Experience

This is by far the most important element that determines the success of a website. A great user experience would include a host of features such as overall look & feel, fast loading of pages, clear and easily identifiable call to action, defined categories and sub-categories of products, search box, reliable check out procedure, and much more. While crafting an e-commerce site, one should focus on the unique elements and try to highlight them in the web design. For more tips in this domain, one may get in touch with a reliable website designing company in Dubai, such as Web Solution Centre,  which holds over a decade of experience in providing the best web solutions.

2. Conventional Navigation

For navigation, it is always advisable to follow the conventional rules, such as list of items on the left or top of the page, a clear and distinct search bar, functional and look alike buttons, footer displaying contact information, and more. The prime reason behind following such conventions is because a user is always habituated to such navigation components. Any change in these elements makes the user feel confused. Of course, this doesn’t imply that one doesn’t have the freedom of trying a creative or unique design, but one should not forget the user behavior. For expert advice, one may avail the services of a premier website designing company Dubai.

3. Outstanding Product Detail Pages

The main focus of the customers always remains on the product pages. One should ensure that these web pages display large & clear images and categorized information, which would help in rendering a pleasurable and interactive experience to the customers.

By following the above-mentioned tips, and with the help of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, one may create a successful and effective e-commerce website.

Effective Online Marketing Tactics for Increasing Customers

Effective Online Marketing Tactics for Increasing Customers

In today’s era of cut-throat competition, it is imperative for any enterprise to have a constant inflow of customers. For achieving this goal, one needs to undertake online and offline marketing techniques. Listed below are 4 great online marketing tips that will ensure a steady flow of clients:

  1. Stay active on social media

In recent times, the social media has completely transformed the way an organization interacts with its clients. To compete as well as stay ahead of competition, one needs to ensure to stay active on social media. One can undertake several activities, such as sharing blog posts & articles, participating in group discussions, responding to queries, running contests, and much more. However, one should ensure not to indulge in being over active, as it may annoy the customers and followers. One may also consider hiring a specialist who would perform all these activities on behalf of the organization. Web Solution Centre is an esteemed website designing company in Dubai, which specializes in providing social media marketing services.

  1. Maintain an updated Blog site

Blogging is a great way of attracting more traffic to the site. However, one should ensure to post fresh, interesting, and updated content. If the visitor sees that the last blog post pertains to six months earlier, then he/she may get an impression that the company is out of business. While writing a blog, one may choose to give details about industry news, latest trends, announcements, and much more. For more tips on crafting and maintaining a blog site, one may get in touch with a reputed website designing company in Dubai.

  1. Respond to emails promptly

Everyone is aware that it is of paramount importance to respond to emails promptly. However, at times when one is busy wrapping up a project, and not ready for taking up a new job, one may simply acknowledge the mail, so that the prospect gets a signal that the company has received the inquiry, and is interested in taking up the work.

With the help of a premium website designing company Dubai, one can initiate efforts that will attract potential customers as well as inspire the existing clients to provide more business.

Why Good Design Can Help Your Marketing Strategies?

Marketing Strategies

Designers are always told to follow the principles of visually-pleasing websites. Not only this, good design not only looks good, it is the hidden tool that makes your branding and marketing shine in order to help your brand develop further and deliver critical results.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while designing your brand’s image, products, web portals and search engine results pages.

  • First Impression Matters A Lot

Visual appeal strikes first – always! The user firstly sees the key elements in your website like the colours used, typography and what images are selling the product or service.

Your design should have a perfect mix of all these elements but never be irrational and chaotic just to grab a customer’s attention.

For website designing projects, contact Website Designing Company in Dubai for awesome websites that help you cater to your customers better.

  • Web Design Marketing

If you want your customers to stick around and visit your website again, show them something unique. Great visual on the homepage and effective content is all that is needed. Design the content in such a way that it persuades the client to make a call-to-action and reinforce their trust in your brand.

Use corporate social responsibility (CSR) techniques to attract attention. A feel-good factor always strikes the right chord.

For all kinds of website design, logo design and mobile app development contact Website Designing Company Dubai for making your business shine!

  • Create Loyalty And A Feedback Chain

Your design should force (amicably) the user to become a loyal and unrelenting user of your brand. Establishing a personal connection is key! Encourage feedback from them and also make a design scheme that makes your brand easily recognizable.

Just like Apple’s logo – the half-bitten apple has nothing to do with the business, but it makes the brand unique and recognizable worldwide by any kind of audience. Stick to a particular voice and message always that is what emanates a great visual experience.

  • Easy To Use

Since there are many modern web technologies at hand like CSS , HTML and JavaScript, design elements that load faster and gives the user more control over what they want to do with the site not what you want them to do on it. Design animations, click-over offers and other unique additions to the website to encourage them to come back and visit again.

  • Weave Everything Around A Particular Concept Or Story

Your design should sell and market, but it should also have visuals that can be told and remembered for ages, for e.g. the Super Bowl ads of Budweiser beer. Each ad revolves around a golden retriever dog which has no relation to beer, but the feel-good factor and an endearing story helps to sell the product.

These are some basics you should always keep in mind while getting a website made or making one yourself. If you are in need of a website for your brand contact us for helping sell your idea in a clear and concise manner. We are a website development company in Dubai that makes designs that are prominent and easy to use. If you are looking for a Website Designing Company in Dubai for your brand’s requirements, get in touch with us now!

4 Key Aspects That Differentiate a Good Website from a Bad Website

A customer may visit numerous sites before making the final decision of purchasing a product or deriving information. While some may deliver a bad user experience, some may inspire the customers to return back several times. There are certain aspects that separate good websites from the bad ones. Listed below are a few factors that influence the success of a site:



This is by far the most essential aspect that encourages repeat visits, as well as inspires visitors to stay on the site. Ranging from a logical categorization of products, readability, to great navigation and effective search function, there are several factors that collate together to deliver the best possible user experience. For expert guidance on usability & accessibility, one may contact a website designing company Dubai.



While designing a new interface or working on a redesign, one should focus on aspects such as how the viewer will move throughout the site, which pages are more likely to be viewed by visitors, links to earlier, recent, & popular posts, list of categories, and much more. For more tips & advice in this domain, one may get in touch with a reputed website designing company in Dubai, such as, Web Solution Centre, which possesses a strong team of professionals & designers specializing in web, branding, & online marketing services.


Web Design Network Website Ideas Media Information Concept

Many a times, companies get distracted by their own requirements, and incorporate elements that they feel would do good to the website. However, the truth is that one should always remain user-focussed and try to design the site in a fashion which would interest, engage, and help the customer.


website designing

It is the overall appearance of the website that determines whether the visitor will stick to the site or look for other options. While designing, one should bear in mind all those elements that collectively will appeal to the target audience. By availing the services of a reliable website designing company in Dubai, one may create a positive and professional looking website.

One should always bear in mind that the design should complement and correspond to the message and goals of the site.

3 Simple Tips for Selecting the Perfect Web Developer


Selecting the right web developer for a project is not an easy task. One needs to carefully evaluate the skills and capabilities of the technical team. Moreover, the job entails a good amount of time & money, and it hurts if the project does not meet the desired expectations. Listed below are a few simple tips to ensure that one has contacted the best web designer for the job:

Previous Work

The best way to confirm that one has hired a reputed website designing company in Dubai is to check the previous completed work of the web developer. This would give a fair idea about the technical expertise, acumen, and creativity of the technician. One should carefully explore & evaluate the project to understand its critical aspects. Later, one can ask the web developer about the various challenges faced by him while designing, and the ways by which he solved those issues.

Approach towards New Technology

Considering the rapid change in technology, one needs to ensure that the web developer takes initiative to incorporate the latest trends in software development. He should be eager to learn about the recent tools & techniques that would deliver a faster and easier to use web project. Web Solution Centre is a premier website designing company Dubai, which has an expert team of professionals who constantly strive to learn and inculcate the new trends in technology.

Testing with a Project

Asking questions and peeking into the previous work can only give a glimpse of the expertise of the professional. One of the best ways to understand the developer’s style of working is to ask him to work on a piece of the project. This gives an idea of the domain know-how and professionalism of the technician. If everything goes well, then one can proceed with handing over the entire project to the designer.

Designing a program, app, or game involves a good deal of empirical research, domain know-how, audience insights, and information about market trends. It is always advisable to contact a reliable website designing company Dubai, which would provide efficient and effective services at great prices.

Simple Tips for Crafting Stunning & Effective Info graphics

website designing

Information graphics, also known as info graphics are visual representations of data in a quick & witty form. However, such an art form involves expertise, detailing, creativity, and many other attributes. Experts suggest to take the help of diagrams, drawings, charts, and other design elements to craft interesting pieces of information. Listed below are a few tips on creating eye-catching info graphics:

Finding the Information

First things first, one needs to gather the relevant information to create the info graphic. Further, the data should also be correct as well as interesting. One may make use of popular search engines to find details about the subject. For more advice & tips, one may avail the services of an esteemed website designing company in Dubai, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds an extensive experience in building websites and providing online marketing services.

Arranging of Data

Once the data have been collected, it’s time to arrange it in an organized story. One should ensure to make it as entertaining as possible to grab the attention of the readers. After arranging the details, the same need to be presented in a visual format. One may also take the help of graphs, comparisons, or flow charts, to display the information in a simple and understandable fashion.

Artistic Design

There are several ways of designing the info graphic. One may choose between vertical & horizontal orientation. One also needs to be careful about choosing the right color combinations and font size. Using creative icons will make the piece all the more attractive. For more unique concepts, one may get in touch with a reputed website designing company Dubai.

Interesting Title

It is imperative to think of an interesting title which would instantly grab the attention of readers. It is also essential to make the title relevant, funny, yet intelligent. Short & quick titles are generally powerful and eye-catching.

While creating an info graphic, it is important that one maintains a harmony between the design & content. A disharmony would lead to confusion and an uninteresting piece of information. It is advisable to hire the services of a reliable website designing company in Dubai, which would ensure to present the details in the most creative & intuitive manner.