How To Build a Simple yet Memorable Logo

If you notice, successful logos are the ones, which are unique but downright simple. There is a sense of sophistication in logos, which have been created in a simple fashion, but manage to convey the precise message. But then, being simple and classy at the same time is not an easy job. Further, it is also important that it is memorable and easily recognizable. You would want to take assistance of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, which would come up with creative and original ideas for your brand.

Logo Designing Company in Dubai

Here are some tips for building a simple and memorable logo:

Keep it basic

Basic designs can go a long way in garnering the attention of the target audience. On the other hand, complicated designs may create confusion in the minds of customers and they may have a hard time in remembering and recognizing it. Always remember that there isn’t any golden rule of embracing a simple design, but it’s just that one needs to keep on experimenting, unless one crafts a subtle logo, which has the capability of instantly connecting with the audiences.

Excellent Readability

Your logo will appear in various formats and mediums, such as website, letterhead, visiting cards, and several others. For that, it is important that it is legible across all mediums. Further, it should look exceptional in full color as well as grayscale, irrespective of the background. Lettering does play an integral role here. It is best to seek advice from a logo and website designing company in Dubai, which will handle your company’s entire project of online and offline marketing.

Make use of metaphor

Instead of opting for visuals, you may also make use of a metaphor, for instance, making use of words similar to the product/service. At first sight, it arouses curiosity in the minds of the readers, but eventually they get to know the intelligent concept behind the design.

For more advice in this domain, you may consider approaching a reputed logo and website designing company in Dubai, such as Web Solution Centre, which has years of experience in providing expert web & branding solutions. Here are a few Things to Remember While Designing the Contact Page.

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