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3 Smart Web Designing Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

Web design plays an important role in positioning a site in search engine rankings.  Making a few smart tweaks in the design goes a long way in attracting traffic and increasing the ranking of the site in the search engines. With the help of experienced website designing services in Dubai, one can incorporate new trends for garnering the attention of the target audience. Listed below are a few intelligent and trendy design tips for achieving success in this aspect.

Website designing services in Dubai

  1. Opt for CSS3 background and transitions

Images chew bandwidth, and hence, negatively impact the speed of a site. CSS3 gradients, on the other hand, are contemporary, eye-catching, and lightweight. As a result, the website load time is slashed down, thereby encouraging the visitor to stay a little longer. Experts suggest that one must avoid making use of JavaScript, as it results in slow loading speed. Further, it also hides important information from the search engines.

  1. Implement Responsive Web Design

There is no denying that smartphone users have outpaced the number of PC users. A responsive design not only attracts visitors owing to its flexibility attributes of being able to view the site across a variety of gadgets, but it also fixes pre-existing bugs and glitches. However, responsive interface is not easy to ace, and requires specific professional expertise. One may get in touch with Web Solution Centre, which offers the best website designing services in Dubai.

  1. Replace image with text

It is true that images enhance the visual appeal of a site, but they also hide important content from search engines and interfere with successful SEO. Utilizing an image as a header is a good idea for aesthetics, but it is not ideal for SEO, since search engines cannot “read” pictures. In such scenarios, one can replace the images with keywords and other relevant text. This profusely helps in increasing the rankings of the site, thereby making it appear at the top of the search engines.

By making a few intelligent amendments in the design, one can surely improve the browsing experience of visitors and subsequently generate more traffic. In this context, it is advisable to seek professional help of website designing services in Dubai. Here’s All You Wanted to Know about Web Designing.