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Trendy Color Schemes That Ruled Website Designs in 2015

The year 2015 saw the use of a bunch of unconventional color schemes for web designs. The designers applied different combinations and contrasts to render an appealing look to the interface. With the help of a premier website designing company Dubai, any organization can build a visually stunning website. Below is an insight on the various color schemes in vogue:

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1. Different shades of the same color

The practice of using different shades of the same color, also known as, monochromatic technique, goes well with minimalist web designs. Designers were seen using vibrant hues for this scheme. The result was a bold, pleasing, and exceptional appearance, that helped in enhancing the overall interface.

2. Highlighting certain words in a text

With an aim to send across the precise message, designers applied the practice of highlighting only a section of words in a block of text. This approach helped in grabbing the eyeballs of the visitor, specifically, when the text was contrasted with a dull background.  For more guidance on this technique, one may consider availing the services of Web Solution Centre, a reputed website designing company in Dubai, which offers excellent design & development services to enterprises across various industries.

3. Colored buttons, call-to-action, and other user interface elements

The use of colored buttons aids in garnering attention to the call-to-action elements. It also eases out navigation & usability. When contrasted with a plain background, it makes the button clearly visible and encourages the visitor to take an action immediately.

4. Blocking and Hovering

Blocking implies a grid-based layout, wherein the various blocks and cards are separated by the use of dramatic hues. Hovering refers to the change in color when the user hovers on a particular card on the layout. Most of the times, these two elements were used together. However, each of them can also be used as a stand-alone technique.

With the help of a reliable website designing company Dubai, an enterprise can make use of these color trends to craft a visually outstanding website. Here’s a list of Tips for an Excellent & Stunning Contact Page Design.

Tips & Tricks for Creating a Robust & Successful Brand


The sole purpose of creating a brand is to differentiate a company and its products/services from those of its competitors. It helps people to identify a business amidst a chock-full of companies selling the same product.  Be it a small organization or a large corporate house, every enterprise needs to create a powerful brand for grabbing the attention of its target audience. Enterprises may take assistance from a reputed website desiging company Dubai, which specializes in branding and marketing services. Listed below are a few tips for achieving the desired results in this aspect.

1. Visual elements are the most important

Studies reveal that visual aspects play the most important role in garnering the attention of customers. The color theory states that each color symbolizes a specific emotion, for instance, red exemplifies passion & adventure, white triggers feelings of peace, green reminds of freshness & environment, so on and so forth. While deciding the color, the company should ensure that it clearly depicts the true emotion of the product or service being delivered. For more advice, one may consult Web Solution Centre, a reliable website designing company in Dubai, which offers excellent web and marketing solutions to varied industries & sectors.

2. Take help of social media for reaching out to a large audience

Social media is the perfect platform for building a company’s identity. Of course, one needs to make use of the apt social media site for interacting with existing and potential customers. Using the right tone, a company can reach out to its audience, without letting them feel that the product is being pitched or marketed.

3. A Brand should have a personality

Companies should undertake efforts to give a brand its own unique personality. Of course, it should correspond with the product or service being presented. For instance, a luxury product should evoke feelings of sophistication and extravagance. A product which is meant for the masses may have a humble branding.

With the help of an expert website designing company in Dubai, one may craft a brand that customers are willing to engage with. Here’s an insight on The Proven 3-Step Formula for Creating a Powerful Brand.

3 Great Tips for a Successful & Effective Headline

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Headlines on a website are not only mean for aesthetics, but they help a great deal in conversions. An effective and successful tagline on the landing page is one that attracts traffic and encourages them to surf the rest of the web pages. Listed below are three tips for creating the perfect headlines:

1. What’s in it for the customers?

Instead of self-promotion, a caption should focus on elements that trigger interest within the customers. Insightful information, news, and benefits are some of the elements that let the customers get a feeling that there is something beneficial for them. The best way to succeed in this domain is to first state about the company and its activities, followed by how the organization can help its customers. For more advice and guidance in this aspect, one may consider availing the services of Web Solution Centre, which has an extensive experience of providing web and branding services. This website designing company Dubai possesses a strong team of web designers, web developers, technicians, and other professionals.

2. Incorporate product benefits in the headline

Some organizations feel that it is prudent to include all the benefits in the caption. However, the fact of the matter is that by including all the benefits at one go, each of them loses its individual importance. One should carefully analyze to incorporate only those elements that focus on the strengths of the company and the expectations of customers.

3. Start the headline with a prompt

Experts suggest that one should start the tagline with prompts such as “Finally, How, New, Introducing, Discover” and similar other words. Such phrases reflect results, and that is precisely what customers want. One may make use of these terms and start off from there to craft a creative and captivating headline. For more ideas, one may get in touch with an esteemed website designing company in Dubai, which also specializes in offering expert solutions in marketing and branding.

With the assistance of a website designing company in Dubai, one may craft a headline that sounds interesting & appealing, and leads to conversions too. Here’s an insight on 3 Simple Ways of Having an Effective Website Landing Page.