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3 Essential Factors That Affect Web User Experience

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Web user experience gives an insight on how a visitor feels while browsing a site. It is by far one of the most imperative elements that determine the success of a website.  By analyzing data, such as, pages generating the maximum exit & bounce rates, frequently visited pages, and most active pages, one can measure the effectiveness of the site, and look for flaws & components that demand rectification or improvement.  Listed below are three factors that directly influence user experience:

1. A large number of pop-up windows

Statistics reveal that pop-up windows discourage visitors. This is primarily because these pop ups interrupt with the user flow. When a visitor is busy finding information about a product/service on a web page, then a sudden pop up hinders the process and annoys the customer. However, for some businesses, these pop ups serve as good tools for getting noticed.

2. Use of hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are an essential component of any good website. They render an excellent opportunity for viewers to gather more information. They also help in connecting the web pages together. Of course, one should be careful to create proper links and monitor them regularly to check their functionality. It is annoying when a customer clicks on a link only to find that it is broken and has no content to offer. For tips and guidance in this domain, one may avail the services of a reputed website designing company Dubai, such as, Web Solution Centre, which has a vibrant team of professionals, web experts, technicians, and designers.

3. Screen area across multiple devices

With the advent of smartphones and tables, responsive web design has become an essential attribute. A website may appear differently on various browsers and devices. However, one should ensure that the screen area is compact & flexible, and does not pose any strain to the viewer, irrespective of the device being used. For guidance on responsive web design, one may contact a reliable website designing company in Dubai.

With the assistance of a premier website designing company Dubai, one may craft a website with a great appearance and user experience. For more details, here’s a list of 4 Key Aspects That Differentiate a Good Website from a Bad Website.

Points to Remember While Creating a Website for a Startup

Website Designing Company in Dubai

Crafting a website for a small startup requires investment of time, money, and efforts. There are several considerations which one needs to cater to before approaching a web designer. One also needs to check the funds at disposal for the entire web project. Simply creating a website won’t do; one also needs to undertake the hosting, maintenance, and allied functions for ensuring an effective website. Listed below are a few factors worth-considering while designing a new website for a small enterprise:

1. Deciding the Domain Name

To start with, one should first decide a domain name. This is nothing but the virtual address of the business in the online world. Experts suggest that one should select a name that is relevant to the type of activity. Further, it should be easy to remember and correspond with the name of the business. For more tips in this domain, one may contact a reputed website designing company Dubai.

2. Selection of the web hosting provider

Web hosting is a fee which needs to be paid recurrently for ensuring that the domain name remains on the web. One needs to be extremely careful while selecting the web hosting provider. Web Solution Centre, an esteemed website designing company in Dubai, holds an extensive experience in web development and allied services.

3. Investment for web administration

Another aspect which requires long term investment is web administration services. One can choose to handle this domain internally, or may ask a professional to cater to the department. However, this is a specialized service and requires a rich expertise and experience. Hence, it is always advisable to avail the services of a reliable website designing company Dubai.

4. Inclusion of blogging on the site

Web gurus recommend to consider the option of blogging in the initial stages itself. Having a blog as a part of the site helps in displaying fresh and updated content on the site. Of course, it would also increase the build weight and expense.

By analyzing the above-mentioned pointers, one can make a well-informed decision about the web project of a startup company. If the nature of business involves online buying of products and services, then one may consider these 3 Essential Features For Attracting Traffic to a New E-Commerce Website.