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3 Essential Features For Attracting Traffic to a New E-Commerce Website

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In today’s era of online shopping, when everything is available on the web, it is a challenging task to inspire customers to buy from a new e-commerce site, rather than opting for the big retail sites. Listed below are 3 features that can help in attracting customers to the newly launched shopping site:

1. Amazing User Experience

This is by far the most important element that determines the success of a website. A great user experience would include a host of features such as overall look & feel, fast loading of pages, clear and easily identifiable call to action, defined categories and sub-categories of products, search box, reliable check out procedure, and much more. While crafting an e-commerce site, one should focus on the unique elements and try to highlight them in the web design. For more tips in this domain, one may get in touch with a reliable website designing company in Dubai, such as Web Solution Centre,  which holds over a decade of experience in providing the best web solutions.

2. Conventional Navigation

For navigation, it is always advisable to follow the conventional rules, such as list of items on the left or top of the page, a clear and distinct search bar, functional and look alike buttons, footer displaying contact information, and more. The prime reason behind following such conventions is because a user is always habituated to such navigation components. Any change in these elements makes the user feel confused. Of course, this doesn’t imply that one doesn’t have the freedom of trying a creative or unique design, but one should not forget the user behavior. For expert advice, one may avail the services of a premier website designing company Dubai.

3. Outstanding Product Detail Pages

The main focus of the customers always remains on the product pages. One should ensure that these web pages display large & clear images and categorized information, which would help in rendering a pleasurable and interactive experience to the customers.

By following the above-mentioned tips, and with the help of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, one may create a successful and effective e-commerce website.