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Why Good Design Can Help Your Marketing Strategies?

Marketing Strategies

Designers are always told to follow the principles of visually-pleasing websites. Not only this, good design not only looks good, it is the hidden tool that makes your branding and marketing shine in order to help your brand develop further and deliver critical results.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while designing your brand’s image, products, web portals and search engine results pages.

  • First Impression Matters A Lot

Visual appeal strikes first – always! The user firstly sees the key elements in your website like the colours used, typography and what images are selling the product or service.

Your design should have a perfect mix of all these elements but never be irrational and chaotic just to grab a customer’s attention.

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  • Web Design Marketing

If you want your customers to stick around and visit your website again, show them something unique. Great visual on the homepage and effective content is all that is needed. Design the content in such a way that it persuades the client to make a call-to-action and reinforce their trust in your brand.

Use corporate social responsibility (CSR) techniques to attract attention. A feel-good factor always strikes the right chord.

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  • Create Loyalty And A Feedback Chain

Your design should force (amicably) the user to become a loyal and unrelenting user of your brand. Establishing a personal connection is key! Encourage feedback from them and also make a design scheme that makes your brand easily recognizable.

Just like Apple’s logo – the half-bitten apple has nothing to do with the business, but it makes the brand unique and recognizable worldwide by any kind of audience. Stick to a particular voice and message always that is what emanates a great visual experience.

  • Easy To Use

Since there are many modern web technologies at hand like CSS , HTML and JavaScript, design elements that load faster and gives the user more control over what they want to do with the site not what you want them to do on it. Design animations, click-over offers and other unique additions to the website to encourage them to come back and visit again.

  • Weave Everything Around A Particular Concept Or Story

Your design should sell and market, but it should also have visuals that can be told and remembered for ages, for e.g. the Super Bowl ads of Budweiser beer. Each ad revolves around a golden retriever dog which has no relation to beer, but the feel-good factor and an endearing story helps to sell the product.

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4 Key Aspects That Differentiate a Good Website from a Bad Website

A customer may visit numerous sites before making the final decision of purchasing a product or deriving information. While some may deliver a bad user experience, some may inspire the customers to return back several times. There are certain aspects that separate good websites from the bad ones. Listed below are a few factors that influence the success of a site:



This is by far the most essential aspect that encourages repeat visits, as well as inspires visitors to stay on the site. Ranging from a logical categorization of products, readability, to great navigation and effective search function, there are several factors that collate together to deliver the best possible user experience. For expert guidance on usability & accessibility, one may contact a website designing company Dubai.



While designing a new interface or working on a redesign, one should focus on aspects such as how the viewer will move throughout the site, which pages are more likely to be viewed by visitors, links to earlier, recent, & popular posts, list of categories, and much more. For more tips & advice in this domain, one may get in touch with a reputed website designing company in Dubai, such as, Web Solution Centre, which possesses a strong team of professionals & designers specializing in web, branding, & online marketing services.


Web Design Network Website Ideas Media Information Concept

Many a times, companies get distracted by their own requirements, and incorporate elements that they feel would do good to the website. However, the truth is that one should always remain user-focussed and try to design the site in a fashion which would interest, engage, and help the customer.


website designing

It is the overall appearance of the website that determines whether the visitor will stick to the site or look for other options. While designing, one should bear in mind all those elements that collectively will appeal to the target audience. By availing the services of a reliable website designing company in Dubai, one may create a positive and professional looking website.

One should always bear in mind that the design should complement and correspond to the message and goals of the site.