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Easy & Simple SEO Tips for E-Commerce Portal

Easy & Simple SEO Tips for E-Commerce PortalWith thousands of products and massive content, it is a challenging task for an e-commerce site to attain great SEO results. Apart from proper usage of keywords, there are several other factors that increase traffic and deliver great rankings. Listed below are simple SEO tips for having a successful e-commerce portal:

Unique Title Tags

For best SEO results, each page of the e-commerce portal should have a unique & a descriptive title tag. Care should be taken not to repeat the same title tag on multiple pages of the site. Further, it is advisable to create a tag which is specific to the product on that page. For expert guidance & tips, one may avail the services of a reliable Website Designing Company Dubai.

Product Descriptions

Companies should also remember to incorporate original text for product descriptions. Site pages having zero or minimal text will not fare well in search rankings. Similar products should also not display duplicate or repetitive descriptions. For advice on how to showcase text for products, one mat contact Web Solution Centre, a premier website designing company in Dubai, which holds a vast experience & expertise in crafting stunning websites for varied industries.

Customer Reviews

Statistics reveal that customer reviews encourages the number of sales. Apart from contributing in SEO, such reviews also enhance the likelihood of a purchase from an online visitor. It also adds more content to the product page and increases the probability of better search rankings.

Rich Snippet

Using rich snippets on the search results page is another way of attracting customers. These rich snippets can display valuable information such as product rating, customer reviews, product price, and more. For setting up of this feature, one may contact a reputed Website Designing Company in Dubai.

Meta Descriptions

Although meta descriptions don’t really help in improving search rankings, but they do encourage the visitor to click on the link. A well-written description will inform the viewer about the content of the page. If the company does not write any meta description of its pages, then they automatically get generated on the results page.

All of the above-mentioned pointers are realistic and easily achievable. By following these simple tips, one can definitely make a mark in the e-commerce realm.

5 Features That Ensure The Success of an E-Commerce Site

5 Features That Ensure The Success of an E-Commerce SiteAn e-commerce site is not just about putting up products & services for online buying. It involves a host of features and elements that contribute in making the site a success amidst its target audience. Listed below are a few aspects which ensure exponential growth of an e-commerce site:

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are a great way of inducing customers to make additional purchases. With the help of such programs, online visitors can earn points which they can redeem for availing discounts or free items. For expert advice on incorporating such programs in the e-commerce layout, one can contact Web Solution Centre, an eminent Website Designing Company in Dubai.

Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers provide excellent opportunities to enhance sales. Such deals create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to make more purchases on great discounts.

Email Lists

By collecting email addresses of visitors, a company can notify its audience about its new products and exciting offers. The most loyal customers would definitely want to opt for this feature so that they do not miss out on any lucrative deal or bargains.


Providing incentives from time to time lures customers into buying more products or the same product of more amount. For instance, after adding items to the shopping cart, customers can receive messages that if they further purchase for an additional amount, they may avail the benefits of free shipping.

Online Chats

An online chat makes it easier for customers and the company to communicate and clear out questions & doubts relating to the services. Aspiring purchasers visiting the site can easily make use of online chat to connect with the sales professional to ask their queries about the products they intend to buy. By availing the services of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, one can create an interface which supports online chatting and other essential services.

There are several other features that boost sales and ensure the growth of an e-commerce website. Since creating such a massive platform enriched with specialized services is a complex procedure, it is advisable to get in touch with a top-notch Website Designing Company Dubai.