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Why Responsive Web Design Is The Best Option?


Companies aiming to reach out to a larger audience using SEO strategies should opt for creating mobile-friendly websites. Statistics reveal that mobile sales have already surpassed desktop sales. Whether to choose a separate mobile site or a responsive website is a highly debatable topic. However, experts say that if SEO is a primary factor, then it is wise to adopt a responsive web design. Listed below are reasons why this style of web design is the best option for enterprises that wish to adopt a mobile SEO strategy:

Can Be Used By Many Devices

This is by far the most appealing factor of having a responsive website. Since it is practically impossible to anticipate the screen sizes of devices used by visitors, it is advisable to create a website that offers great & a consistent user experience across all gadgets. For tips & guidance on crafting such designs, one may contact a reputed website designing company in Dubai such as Web Solution Centre, which offers exceptional design & development services to its esteemed clients.

Easily Manageable

There is no denying that managing one site together with one SEO campaign is relatively easier than two separate sites and campaigns. Companies may hire the services of a reliable website designing company Dubai which may undertake SEO strategies & maintenance of sites for a specific brand or company.

Recommendation by Google

Google not only recommends the use of responsive web design, but also declares it as the industry’s best practice. This is primarily because such sites have only one URL and same HTML, thus making is easier for Google to index, crawl, and organize the content. In the case of separate desktop & mobile sites, Google needs to index multiple versions of the same website. Further, the tech giant also states that a responsive web design makes it simpler for users to share, interact, and link to the URL.

Needless to say, crafting a responsive web design is a complex task, and hence it is advisable to contact an eminent website designing company in Dubai which will undertake the entire web project and handle its SEO campaigning as well.

Importance of Consistency While Designing a Website


Maintaining consistency in a website doesn’t only imply using the same font or color scheme throughout the web pages, it also includes consistent behavior of the website. Further, such consistency also adds value to the professional outlook of the interface. For expert advice & guidance, one may get in touch with an expert web designing company in Dubai, such as Web Solution Centre, which holds a vast experience in providing creative & intuitive design services to its clients.

The major factors to be taken into consideration for attaining consistency are as follows:


Ensuring that all the web pages exude a coherent look & feel makes the site appear professional & attractive. The use of previous website versions may make the visitor feel that the information is incorrect or outdated. The mantra is to keep the design simple. One should not use more than 5 different colors and 2 set of fonts throughout the interface. For variation, one may play with size & intensity of the color & font schemes. One may hire the services of a reputed website designing company Dubai to create a visually stunning website.


One should always remember that viewers always want order and familiarity. Once they get habituated to a particular format and have learnt how things work on a site, their user experiences enhances over a period of time. However, frequent changes in the appearance & navigation coupled with the lack of logic discourages the visitor to stay on the site. Companies should ensure that buttons, menu, and other key elements should look similar in terms of size, color, and order. This makes it easy for viewers to identify the main components at a glance and easily access information. They need not think twice about how to proceed with the site.

A consistent web design not only provides a unified feel, but also improves the user experience as well as conversion rates. For excellent tips & tricks, one may contact a reliable website designing company in Dubai, which may assist in crafting useful, efficient, and effective sites that render consistency in aesthetics and behavior.   

How to Derive Business From a Website

While creating a website, it is imperative that it is marketed in the right manner. By simply building a website, one can’t expect viewers to visit it. Marketing of a website is as essential as marketing a business. There are several ways in which one can obtain business from a site. Firstly, it is important that the website does not merely provide chunk of information about the company and its products. A great lay-out, good design, and quality content are the pivotal components of an efficient interface. One can’t obtain business or customers from a site which is not functional or which doesn’t represent the professional image of the corporate. Organizations in UAE may get in touch with a reputed Website Designing Company in Dubai which shall help them in improving the company’s visibility.

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User-friendly interface, engaging & informative content, easy navigation, and the overall design & function go a long in way in helping the company to grab the attention of customers. Secondly, companies should take help of free marketing tools to promote their business. One may take expert advice from a reliable Website Designing Company Dubai on how to take full advantage of these available tools. Companies may set up social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more to interact with other industry professionals and customers at large. Making use of search engine optimization (SEO) also enhances visibility and increases the rankings in search results.

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Effective Website Design


If the enterprise is perplexed about how SEO works, then they may contact an eminent Website Designing Company in Dubai. One can also create a blog for advertising and marketing purposes. Lastly, companies should also undertake efforts to market their site offline. By using advertising materials such as business cards, banners, flyers, and brochures, companies can reach out to those customers who do not surf the internet frequently. However, if they come to know that they can get pertinent information of their preferred brand on the internet, they shall visit the website. If a company applies the above-mentioned tips, it can surely improve its chances of getting prospective customers and attaining business success from its website.

Tips for a Successful E-commerce Web Design

If your company wants to sell products via an e-commerce website, then it is imperative to check whether the site offers the four primary functions of security, ease of use, flexibility, and reporting to its customers. From viewing products, to ordering them, making online payment, and finally receiving the delivery, the website should ensure a powerful yet user-friendly shopping experience for its clients. For expert advice & tips, organizations in UAE may contact a reliable Website Designing Company in Dubai. A typical online store should enable customers to easily find the goods they are looking for, ask for essential data of consumer, guide the user through the entire process, offer multiple payment options, provide information on delivery, and much more. One should also ensure that the quality of the product images is excellent. Since customers do not have the convenience of touching the product online, hence the image should depict the actual characteristics of the product. Companies may make use of 3D photos or videos to display the product features. When a customer is unable to find the desired item, he may seek to use the search bar.

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Now, a good e-commerce website designed by a reputed Website Designing Company Dubai will have the search bar on the main page itself for ease of the customer. Having a mega menu with categories & sub-categories listed on the home page offers easy navigation throughout the site. One should also make sure that the final cost of the item is displayed on the product or shopping cart page, and not on the final page. There can be nothing more frustrating for a user to get to know about extra charges on the last page.

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To avoid such mistakes, enterprises may avail the services of an eminent Website Designing Company in Dubai. Other factors to consider while designing an e-commerce website include placing of testimonials on the product page, displaying size & color variations of the product, simple checkout procedure, quick product overview, newsletter subscription, advertising on social media sites, attractive & easily retrievable shopping cart, and many more. Creating a site for an online store is not a simple task, and hence it is advisable to consult a professional web designer.